Thursday, March 5, 2009

Does your car need to be checked out?

Check engine light:
If the check engine light is illuminated there is something wrong with your car. 1996 and newer vehicles will not pass emissions test with the check engine light on.
If the check enging light is flashing, do not drive the car. Get it checked out immidiately.
We can diagnose the problem by checking the engine codes, just stop by the shop. It only takes a second.

If it sounds like the brakes are grinding, get it checked out.
You could need brakes even when there are no sounds. Any time your car is in the shop ask the mechanic to check out the brakes.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

State and I/M Inspections

State inspection: $15

Emmissions inspection $24.50
Combo: Free State inspection when you get an imissions test and oil change!

Renewal for 2009 vehicle registration required test:

_____________Safety Emissions

2009 __________Yes___ Yes

2008 __________No____ No

2007 __________Yes___ Yes

2006 __________No____ No

2005 __________Yes___Yes

2004 __________No____ No

2003 __________Yes___ Yes

2002 __________No___ Yes


& older ________Yes___ Yes

Full Service Oil Change: see above for coupon link
Shell Premium Oil
Check and fill coolant
Check and fill power steering
Check and fill brake fluid
Check and fill window washer fluid
Check and fill transmission fluid (if accessible)
Check air filter
Lube Chasis
Check and set tire pressure 35psi
Vacuum vehicle
Wash windshield
Signature Full Service Synthetic Oil Change

see above for coupons link

Service Includes:
Shell Premium Synthetic European 5w-40 Oil,
Oil Filter, Check and fill coolant, Check and fill power steering, Check and fill brake fluid, Check and fill window washer fluid, Check and fill transmission fluid (if accessible), Check air filter, Lube Chasis, Check and set tire pressure to 35psi, Vacuum vehicle, Wash windshield